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We’d love to connect with you, see your travel photos, and hear stories about your own experiences as a Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant!

Here are some great photos of our providers on assignment:

On assignment

Photo Submission 3

Provider Submission 1

Provider Submission 2


“I thought you two might like to see what the cabin looks like. The view from the driveway is their house on the right and the cabin with the green roof on the left.  And of course I had to take a picture from my back porch of my “neigh”bors!  (Sorry for the bad pun but I couldn’t resist!)

The clinic is quite close as the crow flies but the Missouri river means we have to go out and around to get across the causeway.  It is still only 6 minutes now to work.  The hospital/clinic is on the other side of the water tower.

I am enjoying myself here and find the staff very nice to work with and helpful.   I hope they like working with me too.  The patients are overwhelmingly nice and very welcoming to me also.  I have been doing tons of school sports physicals for the past couple of weeks and apparently most of the football team is expecting me to go to games to cheer them on!  Which I will plan on doing now that I have met so many players and their parents.

Thanks for encouraging me to consider this assignment!  I think I am a good fit here and I am definitely enjoying the experience!  If I run into any problems or have questions, I will let you know.  In the meantime, I get to go to work everyday with people I like  and in the profession I love.”

-AHS Locums Provider